Can Not Update WP Staging On Staging Site

When we release a new update for WP Staging all of your sites get this update notification. This includes your staging sites as well.
If you now try to update plugin on one of those staging sites you will get the message “not authorized” and the plugin update fails.

​The fact is:

​- You need to make sure that WP Staging is up to date on the live site only.

​- It doesn’t matter if the WP Staging on the staging site is old or outdated. (At least we did not release any security related update of course)

​- There is no need to update the WP Staging plugin on the staging site

​- If you still want to update the wp staging plugin on the staging site you either need to activate the license key on the staging site as well or you can update the plugin by updating the plugin first on the live site than use the WP Staging update function to copy over the latest plugin to the staging site.