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My team and I are using WP STAGING PRO to quickly spin up sites to test new plugin features or debug an issue that was reported to us. There are days when I have been creating multiple sites like this. Even though ours might be a very particular use case, I could not wish for a better solution. My colleagues also love it so my biggest pain point is getting them to clean up old test sites 🙂 Whenever we had a suggestion or something didn’t work, René and his team were quick to respond and eager to help. Looking forward to a thousand more sites!
Chris R.

Where's your tip jar, bro? I'm buying you a damn cerveza bc your plugin rocks hard and fast and has saved me days of work. I love you, man!

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Roland Schmidt

I use it for testing upgrades in a shop and for the preview of a template change. Works really good and you even don't have to setup a new subdomain.

This plugin runs smoothly. I purchased the freelancer plan and right after the developers' plan to use it on unlimited sites. Definitely worthy. No problems so far.
Ben from Borlabs

WP Staging is one of the few WordPress premium plugins, that always works out of the box. I use it not only for my websites, but also in support cases, and recommend WP Staging to my clients. It's super easy to create a fully staged multisite network environment where I can test updates and settings before applying them to my live website. It's great to have such an easy way to test something without affecting the live site. 6 of 5 stars!

Congratulations on the excellent plugin. Would recommend with eyes closed. Success to the whole team for the development of such an efficient plugin.

Fast and Functional. This is the easiest way to explore and test without destroying the live web site.

Excellent Support and great Plugin!The plugin is a great help working on a copy of a live page. But I have to mention, that the support is excellent. Super quick, helpful, easy and very friendly. 5 stars!

Very useful and work fine! Just what I wanted: this plugin allowed me to make several attempts to fix compatibility issues in a website that hadn’t been updated for a long time..

Super App! Just what I wanted: this plugin allowed me to make several attempts to fix compatibility issues in a website that hadn’t been updated for a long time..

Great help how to test new functions.

Great stuff! This is a wonderful help when trying to debug faulty plugins etc. Thank you!

WP Staging – Easy even for a 70 year old. OK…I screwed something up…but the support was phenomenal, They went into my site and fixed it. It works great.

Easy to install and use

Great way to revamp website. I’m glad I found this plugin. I wanted to update the look and feel of my website and didn’t know how to do so without having to shut down the site for maintenance. So I did a Google search and came across this. I was able to clone my website to test out a new theme. It worked great. I was able to create a test site with a new theme, features, and more without messing up my current website. However, be careful to make sure you have the orange bar at the top of your WordPress dashboard before making any changes. This tells you that you’re working on the staging site. And once you’re done, you can transfer it all to your live site once you’ve made backups. It did what it was created to do, so I’m happy.