• Cloning – Create a clone of your website with a simple click
  • Push Changes – Copy Plugins, Theme & Media files from Staging to Live site
  • Backup & Migration – Backup your entire website site and copy it to another host
  • Enterprise Code Quality – We run over 1.000 automated tests on every release
  • Authentication – The staging Site is available for authenticated users only
  • High Performance – One of the fastest Staging, Backup & Migration Plugin
  • Secure – Coded well for the protection of your data
  • Multisite – Can clone and push WordPress multisites

Cheaper Than You Think

Assuming that you charge $60 per hour and WP STAGING saves you 2 hours per project. Even a developer license of WP STAGING | PRO is paid for itself after only two times of use.

Money back guarantee if something does not work as intended.
You need to allow us to resolve your issue before requesting a refund.
See our full refund & service terms.

Purchasing the plugin includes updates and support for one year.
WP STAGING | PRO can be used for an unlimited time and does not stop running after license expiration.