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“We want to share with all participants of the WP STAGING Affiliate Program our experience
and knowledge we have accumulated over the years regarding affiliate marketing.”
– René, founder of WP STAGING

What is the Meaning of “Affiliate Marketing”

Affiliate marketing is a performance-based technique that adds affiliate links to external products on a blog, website, or YouTube video.

The affiliate link is unique (every affiliate has one) that redirects customers to the products’ original website. The affiliate receives a commission when the customer purchases through the affiliate link. With the affiliate link, the merchant can follow the activity of the affiliate’s website and determine the number of commissions to be paid.

Participating in an affiliate program is one of the most helpful marketing tactics for generating passive income online: it is performance-based, as the income depends entirely on the end user’s activity.

There are three parties involved in our affiliate program:

  1. We, as the merchant who offers the WordPress plugin and pays for affiliates to reach more customers;
  2. You, as the affiliate who promotes the product on their website and receives a commission for every sale;
  3. The client who buys the product on our website;

If you become our affiliate, you will receive a commission every time your visitors or watchers buy the products you promote on your website or video.

As a retailer, you bring new customers to our products due to your promotion and recommendation.

It is a win-win situation indeed!

Each affiliate program has its rules so affiliate earnings can vary based on several factors: the types of products offered to users, product reviews posted on the internet, quality of content, and traffic.

Why We Decided to Open an Affiliate Program

The basis of a successful affiliate program is an excellent relationship between you and us as the affiliate. We can carefully select our partners according to our needs to build a successful relationship for both.

Affiliate marketing is an excellent opportunity to build valuable partnerships and select brand ambassadors that customers trust.

Why You Should Become an Affiliate

Becoming an affiliate doesn’t mean quitting your job or devoting all your time to promoting the retailer’s products. You can start at your own pace: Use your affiliate promotion as a side project that can earn you extra money. And remember that the more effort you put in, the more money you can make.

On the other hand, if you already run an established blog or YouTube channel, becoming an affiliate is a great strategy to strengthen partnerships in your area and increase your revenue.

If you decide to join our team, there is one invaluable advantage: You are flexible and independent. Since we only pay you when customers buy from your recommendation, you can conveniently organize your workload.

As a bit of obligation, you must respect the contract signed with us and abide by the rules of our affiliate campaign. But apart from that, you are responsible for your own business. And all this without worrying about after-sales support, refunds, or other specific requests related to the product: WP STAGING will take care of it!

You can have fun from your affiliate position and use different ways to promote the merchant’s products or services. You can create a dedicated website for your affiliate product, write about it on your blog, create a vlog on YouTube or an online course, or explore the endless possibilities of social media: Let your creativity run wild!

If you get to know your audience and the type of communication they prefer ideally, your promotional activities will likely succeed.

The good thing about all this is that you don’t have to invest much capital in starting, so it’s a low-risk business opportunity.

The WP STAGING Affiliate Program

Building an affiliate program is not always easy, but we must say that we are lucky.

Our customers love WP STAGING for its ability to quickly create staging sites and reliable backups. So setting up our affiliate program was easy: Our first ambassadors were already on-site and were happy to share their experience with our staging plugin!

Thanks to our email marketing strategy, we also kept recruiting new affiliates from our customer base: Our email onboarding scenario always includes the invitation to WP STAGING’s affiliate program.

The WP STAGING affiliate program aims to sign up the leading WordPress influencers worldwide. We have no geographical boundaries, so we want to reach everyone who shares their passion for WordPress / web performance with their audience.

That said, we go through several vetting steps before onboarding new partners: We want to ensure that WP STAGING’s affiliate links are shared only with high-quality websites. Therefore, every affiliate request is reviewed with attention and care.

At the same time, we help our affiliates create great content on WP STAGING. We provide them with all the tools and assets they need to learn more about staging & backup for WordPress and WP STAGING’s functionality: We don’t want them to feel lost!

When affiliates join our program, they earn a 25% commission on every sale made through their work promoting and spreading the love of WP STAGING.

New customers (referred accounts) must remain active 37 days after purchase to earn this commission. The commission is only calculated on the first order, meaning multiple accounts don’t count.

Dos and Don’ts


✓ Create engaging and educational WP STAGING experience reports or tutorials on your blog or YouTube channel

✓ Share your affiliate link with your subscribers, visitors, or email newsletter.

✓ Use the WP STAGING Affiliate link on social media posts (on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks)

✓ Use the banners and text templates from our brand assets on your website


× Offering non-existent discount codes

× Use your affiliate link on coupons and deal websites or on low-quality mfa (made for affiliate only) websites

× Use of your affiliate link for your purchase

× Use on domains that contain our brand name “WP-STAGING” or “WP STAGING.”

× In SEA or SEM campaigns, e.g., a Google Ads campaign or other ad publisher platforms

× Use on websites with erotic, racist, or violence-glorifying content

× Use websites that offer weapons

× Adjusting the brand assets without our consent

If you still have questions about the WP STAGING Affiliate Program or are unsure if your website is eligible for our affiliate program, please contact us first!

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