Make Jetpack Working on Staging Site

When you create a staging site, you have in Jetpack the Staging Mode that you can activate to ensure that your staging environment does not pollute the data used by

With Staging Mode, you can clone your site to a staging environment without polluting the data used by

You can turn on Staging Mode by adding define( 'JETPACK_STAGING_MODE', true ); to your staging site’s wp-config.php file.

Make sure you add it before the /* That's all, stop editing! Happy blogging. */ line.

While Jetpack is in Staging Mode, your staging site will act as your production site in nearly all ways except no data is passed up to, and you cannot disconnect the staging site.

If you even want to make use of the Jetpack features on your staging site, you need to disable the access permission in WP Staging by either disabling the WP Staging Plugin on the staging site or by disabling the authentication from WP Staging settings and then creating a new staging site.

The single steps are:

– Disable access permission in WP Staging plugin.

– Connect Jetpack to your account

– Re-enabled access permission in WP Staging plugin

Jetpack is enabled on your staging site now.

Updated on January 10, 2021