Updating WP Staging Pro

As you know we update WP Staging periodically and improve it with new features.

So first of all you need to understand that it is enough to update WP Staging on the live site only!

So you do you make sure to get updates automatically?

After activating WP Staging Pro license key in WP Staging > License you will be informed about new updates from your WordPress plugin dashboard. From there you can update automatically the plugin:

If you get the error Download failed: unauthorized
use the steps below to fix it!

  1. Go to live site WP Staging > license
  2. Deactivate license key
  3. Activate it again

Now you should be able to update the plugin!

Alternatively you can download the latest version from your account.
If you do this, uninstall completely the current WP Staging plugin from your website and upload and activate it again from
WordPress > plugins > Add New

Note: It’s most important to update the WP Staging plugin on the live site. It does not matter if the plugin on the staging site is outdated. If you want to update that plugin there as well you have several options:

  • Download the plugin from your account and manually upload it to your staging site from wp-admin > plugins > add new
  • Deactivate the license key on the live site and activate it again on the staging site. Then do the automatic plugin update from wp-admin > plugins
  • Use the WP Staging update mechanism from WP Staging > sites > update and exclude everything except the folder plugins/wp-staging-pro