WordPress Glossary

Staging Site

The staging site is a copy of your production site and is usually not publically available to your visitors. It is used for testing plugin updates and modifications to your website and is an important part of every business to prevent any damages to your actual production website while developing.

Production/Live Site

That is your actual website that is publically available to your visitors and where you offer your services, products, and articles.


The File transfer protocol (FTP) is a language that computers speak for transferring files from one computer to another over the internet.

It can be used to transfer images, videos, WordPress core files and anything else files from one server system to another. It’s also often used to maintain websites and to edit, upload and download files on a web server.

FTP credentials always contain:

– Hostname
– Port (Default 21)
– Username
– Password

They are provided by the hosting provider or within the hosting dashboard.

See also: How to create an FTP account.

Updated on August 3, 2021