Can I Push and Copy all Files and all Database Tables?

​Question: Once we update plugins or themes, can we PUSH and select all files and all database tables?

Answer: As long as you did not change any content/data on the live site after creating the staging site, you can select all tables and files to push the staging site to live.

​You will need to do this differently if you change data on it or even use a visual editor which stores data in the tables, _posts, and _postmeta. Otherwise, you will lose the new content on the live site.

​In that case, you will either repeat the content changes on the staging site first, or you will need to exclude all tables from the pushing process and copy over the files and folders only.

​You can keep the _options table selected, though. This table contains all the plugin settings.

You can read this article which explains the WordPress DB structure to get a better understanding:

​If unsure, we recommend copying over updated files, excluding all DB tables, or updating data on the staging site only.
​This will ensure you do not lose any new content on your live site after pushing.

Updated on March 3, 2023