Update procedures for Ubuntu Server, Nginx and MySql

These update procedures contain only essential information and best practices for updating a running ubuntu server and keeping the downtime low. Ubuntu 16.04.6 to Ubuntu 18.04 Backup – If you use a cloud hoster like digitalocean, create a snapshot. It’s recommended to power off the VM before creating the snapshot for keeping file integrity. If … Continue reading “Update procedures for Ubuntu Server, Nginx and MySql”

Linux & Docker Commands Reference & Troubleshooting

We’ve published these commands for our developers for reference purposes. They are publicly visible as it might be helpful for other developers as well: Docker #stop all containers: docker stop $(docker ps -a -q) # Restart docker service sudo systemctl restart docker.service Recreate all container docker-compose up –build –force-recreate –no-deps #stop all containers by force … Continue reading “Linux & Docker Commands Reference & Troubleshooting”