WP STAGING Changelog

Release 2.8.2 – March 03th 2021

* Feat: Compatible up to WP 5.7
* Feat: Check database connection in clone data edit #650
* Feat: Exclude .wp-staging-cloneable file from cloning and update #718
* Feat: Show notice if a user is using an outdated version of WP Staging Hooks plugin #716
* Feat: Add single disabled items notice with better message #717
* Feat: Add options to enable/disable staging sites cloning from UI #722
* Enh: Use included directories instead of excluded directories to increase cloning speed #671
* Enh: Stringify directories array var in $_POST to reduce $_POST size during cloning #671
* Enh: Replace relative paths exclude to absolute and wildcard paths exclude during cloning #671
* Enh: Detect snapshot tables using regex #694
* Enh: Enable disable save button in clone data edit during database connection #700
* Enh: Improve exclude filters for Push process #720
* Enh: Move Backend/public/img to assets/img #719
* Enh: Unify Single and Multisite Classes #713
* Enh: Keep other staging behavior when the staging site is cloneable #722
* Fix: Lost password link generation in staging sites #697
* Fix: Fix cloning on multisite for PHP 5 #725
* Fix: Skip symlink scanning during directory scan #736
* Dev: Internal refactoring of database backup to avoid long-lived branch #624
* Dev: Enforced changelog entries in CI #695
* Dev: Refactored webdriver tests to make them faster #656
* Dev: Refactor how the automated test workflows are generated. Add new webdriver test before release with default settings #712
* Enh: Refactor search and replace jobs to use memory and time-consumption aware trait #702
* Dev: Increased default file batch limits for faster development environment and CI #706
* Dev: Renamed all code and UI references of Snapshot to Backup #715
* Dev: Add helper to manage clone settings #717
* Dev: Internal code refactoring, renaming classes for better readability #721
* Dev: Add infrastructure support for wp-cli and background processing #728

= 2.8.1 =
* Feat: Show creator user name of staging site
* Enh: Show notice if sending mails are disabled
* Enh: Show message and stop execution if php version is lower than 5.5
* Enh: Abort cloning process if table already exists in external database
* Fix: Can not update database credentials in staging sites wp-config.php under rare circumstances
* Fix: During the update process if options table was not selected it didn’t get skipped
* Fix: Error if WP is lower than 4.6
* Fix: Can not delete entire staging site on error
* Fix: Activating pro version does not properly disable free version

= 2.8.0 =
* Fix: Latest supported WP version is not reflected on wordpress.org plugin repo
* Enh: Show confirmation popup if user tries to send another support request within an hour

= 2.7.9 =
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.6
* Fix: Uninstall function can throw fatal error
* Fix: Do not write sensitive information into debug.log if debug mode is active
* Fix: Update notification shown even if there is no more recent version
* Dev: Memory exhausted during tests
* Dev: Prefix composer vendor libraries with PHP-Scoper
* Dev: Add more unit and webdriver tests to improve QA
* Enh: Change authentication to a combination of nonces and access tokens
* Enh: Improve tests performance
* Enh: Add tests for database export and restore

= 2.7.8 =
* New: Add special admin notice if the plugin is not tested with the latest WordPress version
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.5.2
* New: Allow deleting of orphaned staging site entries if staging site was deleted manually before

* Fix: Activation hook is not fired after first time installation and wpstg optimizer and cron tasks are not set up
* Fix: Staging site does not work if database password contains dollar sign in password
* Fix: Prevent fatal error when the plugin is activated, but there is no permission to create folder wp-content/uploads/wp-staging or wp-content/uploads/wp-staging/logs.

* Dev: Add new DI container implementation
* Dev: Add composer 2

= 2.7.7 =
* Fix: Fatal error on activation in pro version (Syntax error)

= 2.7.6 =
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.5.1
* New: Add WP_ENVIRONMENT_TYPE constant for staging site
* New: Better and wider test coverage
* New: Implementing of automated CI tests
* New: Huge code base refactor for cleaner code
* New: Updated authentication mechanism for ajax requests
* New: Show welcome video message
* New: Show message asking for admin credentials on login form
* New: Move WP STAGING menu down below the menu Plugins
* New: Selected tables are highlighted with a blue background color
* Fix: Show access denied message if a non but existing user tries to access the staging site
* Fix: Remove wp_logout() in staging site login form to prevent multiple login log entries with plugin WP Activity Log
* Fix: Wrong german translations
* Fix: Cloning fails if there is no underscore in table prefix

= 2.7.5 =
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.4.2
* Fix: Remove beta notice
* Fix: Error if views are cloned
* Fix: Fatal error if WordPress is older than 4.5
* Fix: Merge pro/free version
* Fix: Step switching logic does not work properly
* Fix: Fix progress bar when certains steps are skipped
* Fix: Change german translation for REPORT ISSUE

= 2.7.4 =

= 2.7.3 =
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.4.1
* New: Allow filtering of staging site title
* Fix: Since WordPress WP 5.4 cloning fails if WordPress is installed in subfolder
* Fix: Loading icon not shown when disk space is checked
* Fix: Can not copy tables if prefix is capitalized & has no underscore

= 2.7.2 =
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.4
* Fix: Fatal error on WordPress 4.6 and older

= 2.7.1 =
* HotFix: Prefix hotfix failed

= 2.7.0 =
* HotFix: Fix fatal error in step 6 after updating to WordPress 5.4

= 2.6.9 =
* Fix: Can not login to staging site under certain circumstances
* Fix: Use user selected language setting instead global site based one
* Fix: Fatal Error: curl_version() not defined in SystemInfo.php
* New: Refactored structure for easier maintenance
* New: Core support for WP Staging snapshots
* New: Implementing of UnitTests

= 2.6.8 =
* Fix: If the server is windows it will result in missing files after cloning and can lead to fatal errors of the staging site

= 2.6.7 =
* Fix: Update function adds duplicate string to internal urls like https://example.com/staging/staging/wp-content/*
* New: Support for WP 5.3.2

= 2.6.6 =
* Fix: Fatal error: Cannot redeclare wpstgpro_overwrite_nonce() and wpstg_overwrite_nonce() after activating pro version on top of this free one
* Fix: wpdb->prepare() warning after initial cloning

= 2.6.5 Date 12/18/2019 =
* New: Support for WordPress 5.3.1
* New: Refactoring code base and remove app folder
* New: Add French language files
* New: Add WP Staging logo to login form
* New: Set 24 hours expiration date to process lock
* New: Add link URL to the staging site title
* Fix: Fatal error: Invalid serialization data for DateTime object #91
* Fix: Add missing string language location
* Fix: Function fnmatch() not available in all systems
* Fix: Warning in staging site after initial cloning in db row rewrite_rules
* Fix: Wrong staging site is selected when delete function is executed and there are more than 10 staging sites

= 2.6.4 =
* Fix: Broken image folder with duplicate leading slash after cloning

= 2.6.3 =
* New: Allow wildcards for excluding files
* New: Add hook “wpstg_clone_action_staging” to execute code on staging site after cloning
* Tweak: Improved support for custom uploads folder if the user customized the UPLOADS constant or upload_path in DB
* Fix: Better compatibility with Windows IIS server
* Fix: External links are broken after cloning if ABSPATH is equal to /www/
* Fix: use an alternative method for file_put_contents as it is not supported on all systems due to file permission issues
* Fix: Redundant and duplicated update comments in wp-config.php in the staging site

= 2.6.2 =
* Fix: Do not show warning “Preparing Data Step3: Failed to update rewrite_rules in wpstg0_options”
* Fix: Change error “Table wpstgtmp_options does not exist” to warning
* New: Add arguments for hook wpstg_cloning_complete
* New: Setup server environment variables per process and not globally (e.g. set_time_limit)
* New: Add support for custom uploads folder if user customized UPLOADS constant or upload_path in DB

= 2.6.1 =
* New: Improve styling of the login form. Thanks to Andy Kennan (Screaming Frog)
* New: Add ‘password lost’ button to login form
* New: Change welcome page CTA
* New: Add feedback option when the plugin is disabled
* Fix: PDO instances can not be serialized or unserialized
* Fix: Can not update staging site db table if there are constraints in it

= 2.6.0 =
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.2.2
* New: Performance improvement for directory iterator using fewer server resources
* New: Add filter wpstg_folder_permission to set custom folder permission like 0755, allows to overwrite FS_CHMOD_DIR if it has been defined.
* Fix: Error conditions in class Data do not compare type strict (== vs. ==) resulting in interruption of the cloning process
* Fix: Excluded folders under wp-content level are not taken into account on Microsoft IIS servers

= 2.5.9 Released 05/16/2019 =
* New: Update for WP 5.2.1
* New: Better corporate identity and more friendly UI colors for staging sites listings and button
* New: Better warning notices before updating process is executed
* New: Add tooltips for explaining navigation buttons
* New: Check if UPLOAD constant is defined and use this value for uploads folder destination
* New: Show notice if the user tries to clone a staging website.
* Fix: Staging sites listing entries appeared on the cloned website.
* Fix: Do not search & replace through “__PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name” definitions
* Fix: Prevent wordfence firewall rule interrupting the clone deletion method
* Fix: Excluded wp staging directory from deleting process is ignored and will be deleted either way
* Fix: Strip whitespaces in cloning site internal names

= 2.5.8 =
* Fix: Remove admin notice that wp staging is not compatible with latest wp version

= 2.5.7 =
* Fix: Fatal Error: Remove previous implemented action to not search & replace over incomplete classes. This lead to high memory consumption and error 500 in step 2 of the cloning

= 2.5.6 =
* New: Compatible to WordPress 5.2
* New: Allow adding file .wp-staging to root of the website to determine if it’s a staging or production website
* New: Add extended data about a staging site in list overview of staging sites
* New: Show unfinished or interrupted clones and allow deletion of them
* Tweak: Move admin notices templates to views/notices
* Fix: Rating notice appears again after using review later button
* Fix: Can not find staging site when staging site has been created with an old version of wp staging
* Fix: Do not search & replace over incomplete classes in the database to prevent warnings

= 2.5.5 =
* Fix: Fatal error, undefined function wpstg_validate_data()

= 2.5.4 =
* Fix: WordFence firewall rule ‘local file inclusion’ blocks wp staging initial starting cloning sequence
* Fix: Values of form Extra directories to copy are ignored

= 2.5.3 =
* Fix: Disable the WP-Spamshield Plugin on staging site because it prevents login to the staging site
* Fix: Lower the memory consumption when the cloning scan process is started
* New: Show PHP user in system info log

= 2.5.2 =
* New: Tested up to WordPress 5.1.1

= 2.5.1 =
* Fix: WP Staging > Tools > System Info does not open
* New: Open system info log file directly via wp staging > tools

= 2.5.0 =
* Fix: Do not exclude db.php if it is not located in the wp-content folder
* Fix: Select All button for db tables not working properly
* New: Add Filter to exclude certain tables from search & replace operation
* New: Show PHP user in system info
* New: Check if there is already one process running before executing the cloning process
* New: Support up to WordPress 5.1

= 2.4.9 =
* New: Add new DB table selection manager
* Fix: Better warning notices before updating a staging site
* Fix: Stop delete process if staging site has been deleted manually before
* Fix: Log file folder does not have correct permission 0755
* Fix: Continue cloning if siteurl & home in wp_options could not be changed
* Tweak: Better warning for update method
* Tweak: DB tables and file verification opened as default option
* Tweak: Skip rows larger than 5MB for search & replace operations to keep memory consumption low
* Tweak: clean up search & replace method
* Tweak: Better FAQ

= 2.4.8 =
* Fix: Prevent throwing an error when table prefix of table usermeta can not be changed
* Fix: WP Staging does not run with old WordPress version 3.2
* Fix: Do not show rating box on posts and pages editor
* New: Support WordPress 5.0.3
* New: Add FAQ to footer

= 2.4.7 =
* New: Support WordPress 5.0.2

= 2.4.6 =
* Fix: Can not login to staging site . Changed minimum user capability to ‘manage_options’ instead ‘administrator’

= 2.4.5 =
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.0.1 Gutenberg
* New: Show WP version of staging site in the sysinfo log
* Fix: Make sure optimizer must-use plugin is updated as well after updating the main plugin
* Fix: Plugin can not be uninstalled if WP Staging Pro is activated
* Fix: Prevent error $this not in object context in install.php

= 2.4.4 =
* Fix: Security, prevent downloading wp staging log files by third party users from uploads folder
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg

= 2.4.3 =
* Fix: Updating staging site does not exclude Windows IIS configuration file web.config and can lead to server error
* Fix: Redirect to the correct url after log in to staging site
* Fix: Supports HTML entities in links created by WP Backery Page Builder Plugin
* New: Support for custom and non-default wp-content and uploads folder
* New: Option to show again the rating notice in a week

= 2.4.2 =
* Fix: Error 500 on some systems when files are collected and plugin iterates through the directories

= 2.4.1 =
* Fix: Error notice if user tries to update staging site located in another database
* Fix: Search & Replace adds staging site subfolder multiple times to replaced string when staging site is updated
* Fix: Missing ajax delay setting

= 2.4.0 =
* New: Compatible to WP 5.0.0 Gutenberg
* New: Increase file scanning process performance
* New: Preview for external database cloning
* New: Add delay between requests setting to prevent timeouts on rate limited servers
* New: Try again automatically cloning process if ajax request has been killed due to server ressource limit error

* Fix: Error when removing heartbeat api
* Fix: remove ? parameter from staging site
* Fix: Do not load theme while WP Staging is running. Prevents processing interruption if there are fatal errors in the theme
* Fix: When cloning has been canceled page needs to be reloaded before beeing able to clone again
* Fix: Under rare circumstances plugins are disabled when wp staging runs.
* Fix: Prevent error 503 (firewall/performance timeout) by adding post parameter to the ajax url
* Fix: Adding automatic resume function to the ajax processing to prevent cloning and pushing interruptions due to hitting server ressource or network glitches.
* Fix: Selected folders are not excluded under Windows IIS server
* Fix: Windows IIS server compatibilility issues resolved

= 2.3.9 =

Release Date October 16th 2018

* New: Support for wp-config.php located in one level up of the root folder for multisites
* New: Allow exclusion of custom options from wp_options from beeing pushed
* New: Make sure Optimizer is installed and activated
* New: Show date of site creation/update in list of staging sites
* Tweak: Better looking UI elements
* Fix: Requirements Check not working as intended

= 2.3.8 =
* Tweak: Lowering default performance settings for more reliability during cloning
* New: Set WP_CACHE to false in wp-config.php after cloning to prevent log in issues to staging site
* New: Compatibility mode to skip certain tables from third party plugins from beeing searched & replaced
* Fix: Do not clone db.php, object-cache.php and advanced-cache.php
* Fix: Show error message if ajax requests fail for any reason

= 2.3.7 =
* New: Increase cloning performance
* New: Show admin notice if php version and wordpress version do not meet requirements.
* New: Show error if there is not enough free diskspace
* New: Add resume function in case the cloning process interrupts
* New: Add italian translation
* New: Better looking admin notices
* Fix: Different scheme of siteurl and home leads to non available staging site. Show admin notice to ask user to fix that first before creating a staging site
* Fix: WP Staging welcome screen shown when any plugin is activated
* Fix: Lower default settings to 10000, cpu load low. File copy limit to 50

= 2.3.6 =
* Fix: Add version number to css and js files to prevent caching issues
* Fix: Wrong text domain in a few language strings
* Fix: Optimizer mu-plugin not installed all the time
* Fix: Language files not loaded correctly
* Fix: Remove heartbeat check only on wp staging admin pages
* Fix: WordPress custom upload path variable upload_path could be wrong after cloning
* Fix: Increase maximum memory consumption

= 2.3.5 =

Release Date: August 21st, 2018

* New: Enable Optimizer as default option
* New: Add filter to exclude strings from search & replace, docs: https://wp-staging.com/docs/actions-and-filters/
* New: Add filter to change search & replace parameters
* New: Add language files and change text domain to slug of the plugin
* New: Disable heartbeat api and user login check for wp staging processing
* New: Add issue reporting form
* New: Check if clone subfolder already exists before creating clone
* Fix: Changing file copy limit not working

= 2.3.4 =
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 4.9.8
* New: Support for Windows Azure cloud servers
* Fix: Missing http(s) scheme after cloning multisites results in not working clones

= 2.3.3 =
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 4.9.8
* New: Better error reporting
* New: Detect if wp-config.php has been moved one folder level up
* New: Login options not needed any more – removed
* Fix: Remove term ‘Error’ from login page

= 2.3.2 =
* Fix: Do not search & replace mail addresses

= 2.3.1 =
* Fix: Creating a new clone resets the custom wp staging user settings. E.g. ignores authentication setting
* Fix: Search & replace path not correct if scheme http/https is not identical in wp-config and db wp_options
* New: Setting to specify the maximum allowed file size to copy

= 2.3.0 =
* Security: Do not allow to create a new staging site into a subfolder which already exists
* New: Option to allow adjustment of the allowed maximum size of files that are going to be copied while cloning.
* New: Add multisite informations in system info log
* New: Option to allow adjustment of the allowed maximum size of files that are going to be copied while cloning.
* New: Use the new progress bar for clone updating process
* Fix: Progress bar for step ‘database’ is not filling up to 100%
* Fix: If cloning update process is interupted it may happen that staging site is not available any longer. (Updating the clone does not copy index.php to staging site again)
* Fix: Progress bar not shown as intented for clone updating process
* Fix: Can not open upload folder in file selection menu
* Fix: Undefined object $this->tables
* Fix: wp-config.php not copied when previous clone updating process has been failed
* Fix: Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Callable
* Fix: Skip search & replace for objects where key is null
* Fix: Search & Replace not working if serialized object contains __PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name
* Tweaks: remove term “error” from several log entries
* Tweak: Remove certain debugging notices from the default log window

= 2.2.9 =
* Fix: Missing trailingslash results to wrong absolute paths in database after Search & Replace operation

= 2.2.8 =
* New: Add filter ‘wpstg_filter_options_replace’ to exclude certain tables from updating while cloning
* New: Exclude tables for plugin wp_mail_smtp
* New: Support for custom upload folder. For instance, if upload folder has been renamed and removed outsite wp-content folder
* New: Add datetime timestamp internally to clone. (Used in WP Staging pro)
* New: Add filter ‘wpstg_fiter_search_replace_rows’ to exclude certain tables from search & replace
* New: Supports search & replace for revslider image slider and several visual editors which are using non default serialized data
* New: Add new setting which allow to specify the search & replace processing query limit
* New: Compatible to WordPress 4.9.6

= 2.2.7 =
* Fix: Serialize replace is not working properly for serialized strings
* Fix: WP_SITEURL & WP_HOME not replaced if constant contains php generated string

= 2.2.6 =
* Fix: If WPML is used the live site is not reachable
* Fix: Can not disable optimizer
* Fix: Stop cloning if wp_usermeta or wp_options can not be adapted
* Fix: All methods should be private in class SearchReplace
* Fix: PHP 7.2 is not countable warning
* Fix: PHP 7.2 can not replace data in objects when object is incomplete (__PHP_Incomplete_Class_Name)
* New: Use fully custom login form to prevent access denied issues on sites where access to wp-login.php is denied or redirection plugins are used
* New: Link to support section

= 2.2.5 =
* New: Compatible to WP 4.9.5
* New: Allow to select and copy extra folders that are on the root level
* New: Use fully custom login form to prevent access denied issues on sites where access to wp-login.php is denied or redirection plugins are used
* Fix: Incorrect login path to staging site if WordPress is installed in subdirectory
* Fix: Login url is wrong if WP is installed in subfolder
* Fix: If PHP 5.6.34 is used, the cloning process could be unfinished due to use of private member in protected class
* Tweak: Only wp root folders are pre selected before cloning is starting
* Tweak: Change WP_HOME or WP_SITEURL constants of staging site if they are defined in wp-config.php

= 2.2.4 =
* New: Replace even hardcoded links and server path by using search & replace through all staging site database tables
* New: New and improved progress bar with elapsed time
* Fix: Cancel cloning does not clean up unused tables and leads to duplicate tables
* Tweak: Wordings in rating admin notice
* Tweak: Better error messages
* Tweak: Open staging site in same window from login request
* Fix: Set meta noindex for staging site to make it non indexable for search engines

= 2.2.3 =
* Fix: Change default login link to wp-admin
* Fix: Unneccessary duplicates of wpstg tables in db

= 2.2.2 =
* Fix: Undefined property: stdClass::$loginSlug

= 2.2.1 =
* New: Option to set Custom Login Link if there is one
* New: Set meta noindex for staging site to make it non indexable for search engines
* New: Better multiple folder selection. Allows to unselect a parent folder without collapsing all child folders
* New: Sorted list of folders to copy
* Fix: Can not login to staging site if plugin All In One WP Security & Firewall is used
* Fix: Staging site not reachable because permalinks are not disabled under certain conditions

= 2.2.0 =
* Fix: Old staging site is not listed and pushing is not working properly if plugin is updated from wp staging version 1.6 and lower

= 2.1.9 =
* New: Performance improvement increase db query limit to 5000
* New: Detect automatically if WordPress is installed in sub folder
* Tweak: Tested up to WP 4.9.4
* Fix: Updating from an old version 1.1.6 < to latest version deletes the staging sites listing table
* Fix: Reduce memory size of the logging window to prevent browser timeouts
* Fix: Can not copy db table if table name contains the db prefix multiple times
* Fix: Some excluded folders are not ignored during copy process
* Fix: mod_security is causing script termination
* Fix: Skip directory listings for symlinks

= 2.1.8 =
* Fix: Increase the max memory consumption

= 2.1.7 =
* Tweak: Return more human readable error notices
* Fix: Cloning process stops due to file permission issue
* Fix: Exclude WP Super Cache from copying process because of bug in WP Super Cache, see https://github.com/Automattic/wp-super-cache/issues/505

= 2.1.6 =
* New: increased speed for cloning process by factor 5, using new method of file agregation
* New: Skip files larger than 8MB
* Fix: Additional checks to ensure that the root path is never deleted
* New: Compatible up to WP 4.9.1

= 2.1.5 =
* Fix. Change link to support
* Fix: Missing files in clone site if copy file limit is higher than 1

= 2.1.4 =
* Fix: Link to the staging site is missing a slash if WordPress is installed in subdir
* Tweak: Allow file copy limit 1 to prevent copy timeouts

= 2.1.3 =
* New: Add more details to tools->system info log for better debugging
* New: Add buttons to select all default wp tables with one click
* New: Show used db table in list of staging sites
* Fix: Delete staging site not possible if db prefix is same as one of the live site
* Fix: Edit/Update clone function is duplicating tables.
* Fix: Other staging site can be overwritten when Edit/Update clone function is executed
* Fix: Several improvements to improve reliability and prevent timeouts and fatal errors during cloning

= 2.1.2 =
* Fix: Remove LOCK_EX parameter in file_put_contents(). LOCK_EX is not working on several systems which results in cloning process timeouts
* Fix: Huge Performance improvement in copying process by removing duplicate file entries in the cache file. This also prevents weird timeout issues on some hosted websites
* Fix: Error 500 when debug mode is activated
* Fix: Limit maximum execution time to 30 seconds
* Fix: Sanitize Clone Names and Keys to fix “clone not found” issue in upgrade routine
* Fix: Do not clone the plugin wps-hide-login
* Fix: Staging sites can not be deleted if they are very big
* Fix: Link to staging site is undefined
* Tweak: Better admin message for asking for a review
* Tweak: Remove table wpstg_rmpermalinks_executed when plugin is uninstalled
* New: New setting to specify the maximum amount of files copied within one ajax call to fix godaddy and bluehost ajax 404 errors. Default 10 per batch

= 2.1.1 =
* New: Add link to tutorial explaining the process of pushing modification to the live site

= 2.1.0 =
* New: Exclude unneccessary files from cloning process: .tmp, .log, .htaccess, .git, .gitignore, desktop.ini, .DS_Store, .svn
* New: More details for debugging in Tools->System Info
* Fix: Check if tables in staging site exists before attempting to modify them
* Fix: WordPress in sub directories were not opening
* Fix: Nonce check not working if nonce life time is filtered by another plugin WP Bug: https://core.trac.wordpress.org/ticket/41617#comment:1
* Fix: Access to staging site not working, if WP_SITEURL and WP_HOME is defined in wp-config.php
* Tweak: Exclude wp-content/cache folder from copying process

= 2.0.9 =
* Skip Version

= 2.0.8 =
* Fix: After update from wpstg 1.6.x to 2.x previous settings were not imported resulting in cancelation of cloning process. Still not fixed in 2.0.7

= 2.0.7 =
* Fix: After update from wpstg 1.6.x to 2.x previous settings were not imported resulting in cancelation of cloning process

= 2.0.6 =
* Fix: Cancel Cloning button not working
* Fix: Limit max execution time to a maximum of 30sec to prevent high memory consumption and script timeouts

= 2.0.5 =
* New: Major version – Complete rewrite of the code base
* New: Batch processing allows to clone even huge sites without any timeouts
* New: Preparation for WP QUADS PRO with ability to copy file changes back to live site
* New: Bypass (broken) third party plugins during wp staging related ajax requests to prevent processing errors. Use a mu plugin for this.

= 1.1.6 =
* New: Add download link to WP Staging Beta Version 2.0.1

= 1.1.5 =
* Fix: Admin notice is throwing a false positive write permission error
* New: Move log folder to wp-content/uploads/wp-staging/logs
* New: Tested up to WP 4.7.3

= 1.1.4 =
* Fix: Fatal error Unsupported operand types

= 1.1.3 =
* New: Tested up to wp 4.7.2
* Fix: Arrows in drop down for folder selection are distorted
* Tweak: Show working log as default to make debugging easier

= 1.1.2 =
* Fix: Settings are not deleted when plugin is removed
* Fix: Staging site is available for non administrators

= 1.1.1 =
* Fix: Change rating url

= 1.1.0 =
* New: Tested up to WP 4.6
* New: Create a poll and ask what feature is most required

= 1.0.9 =
* Fix: Undefined WPSTG() warning
* Fix: Change compatibility version to wp 4.5.3

= 1.0.8 =
* Tested up to WP 4.5.2

= 1.0.7 =
* Fix: Activation hook is not fired and staging site is not working properly
* Performance: Increase default query copy limit to 1000

= 1.0.6 =
* Fix: Uninstalling plugin throwing error
* Fix: Error permission admin notice although permission issues are correct

= 1.0.5 =
* New: Tested up to WP 4.5
* Fix: Download system log not working
* Fix: Click on Optimizer “Select all | none | invert” links leads to jumping
* Tweak: Make clear that unselecting a checkbox will exlude table or file from copy process
* Tweak: Remove unnecessary text
* Tweak: Change beta notice in dashboard. WP Staging is stable
* Tweak: Change twitter handle to @wpstg

= 1.0.3 =
* Fix: Missing const MASHFS_VERSION
* Fix: Remove error “table XY has been created, BUT inserting rows failed.”
* Fix: Not tested up to 4.4.2 message shown although it’s tested up to WP 4.4.2
* New: Disable either free or pro version and does not allow to have both version enabled at the same time

= 1.0.2 =
* Tweak: Change setting description of uninstall option
* Tweak: Lower tags in readme.txt

= 1.0.1 =
* New: Orange colored admin bar on staging site for better visualization and comparision between production live site and staging site
* Tweak: Remove contact link on multisite notification

= 1.0.0 =
* Fix: Do not follow symlinks during file copy process
* Fix: css error
* Fix: Show “not-compatible” notice only when blog version is higher than plugin tested version.
* Fix: undefined var $size
* Fix: Check if $path is null before writing to remaining_files.json
* Fix: $db_helper undefined message
* Fix: Skip non utf8 encoded files during copying process

= 0.9.9 =
* Fix: Use back ticks for table names to prevent copy errors when table names are containing hyphens or similar special characters
* New: Load option to reduce cpu load and to lower the risk of killed ajax calls because of security flooding mechanism (Prevent 405 errors: not allowed)
* Tweak: Load non minified js file when WPSTG debug mode is enabled

= 0.9.8 =
* New: Tested up to WP 4.4
* New: New debug mode in settings
* Tweak: Check if url’s in staging’s wp-config.php needs a replacement and do so.
* Fix: Prevent fatal error and end of copying process. Make sure files are writable before trying to copy them

= 0.9.7 =
* Fix: Change backend link to https://wordpress.org/plugins/wp-staging/ when using an outdated version of the plugin
* New: Tested up to WP 4.3.1

= 0.9.6 =
* New: Show notice when there is not enough disk space for a clone
* Fix: PHP Error on 32bit systems: “disk_free_space(): Value too large for defined data type”
* Fix: Copying process of larges files gets interupted sometimes due undefined variable
* Fix: Define width and height for the system info export formular
* Fix: Cannot redeclare deleteDirectory()

= 0.9.5 =
* Fix: Option for cloning sites which are moved into a subdirectory was not working on several systems
* New: WordPress Migration tested up to WP 4.3

= 0.9.4 =
* Fix: Large files are copied partly
* Fix: js error xhr.statusText not defined
* New: Option for cloning sites which are moved into a subdirectory. Read more: https://codex.wordpress.org/Giving_WordPress_Its_Own_Directory
* New: Create an alternative copy method for large files
* New: Add new author WP-Staging to the readme.txt and to the wordpress repository

= 0.9.3 =
* Fix: Rating container is not shown because of wrong wordpress option name
* Tweak: Change color of the rating links

= 0.9.2 =
* Fix: A conflict with the plugin WP Migrate DB (Pro)
* Fix: Limit the staging name to maximum of 16 characters for migration process

= 0.9.1 =
* Fix: Change search and replace function for table wp_options when running migration. This prevented on some sites the moving of serialized theme data

= 0.9 =
* New: Release