Create a Clone of a Staging Site

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If you like to create a clone of a WordPress staging site that you’ve created earlier with WP STAGING you need to do a slight modification in the database, first.

Open up one of your favorite database administration tools like PHPMyAdmin or the one-file solution adminer.

Look for the entry wpstg_is_staging_site in the table wpstgID_options:

Set option_value to false or remove that entry at all.

After doing that you are able to clone the staging site as usual by going to your  Staging site > WP Staging > Sites

What does this value do?

This setting is responsible for telling WP Staging if the current site is a staging site or not. So, set this value to false if you want to clone the staging site. WP Staging will treat the staging site as a production site then which allows you to create another clone of it.

Updated on March 15, 2022