License Activation Error

If your website is served by an outdated and not updated server it may be possible that you try to activate the license key and get the error:

cURL error 35: Unknown SSL protocol error in connection to

The plugin can not be activated on your site because we had to stop supporting older SSL ciphers. What is happening here is that your site is trying to connect to WP Staging servers but failing because the connection method your server is using is too old. (If you are familiar with SSL we switched off support for TLS 1.0)

What needs to be updated is curl and OpenSSL. This should be updated not only for the functionality of WP Staging and your SSL connections but for the security of your site in general as well.
If you are not hosting the site yourself you will need to reach out to your host and ask them to update curl.

If you are not able to update curl and OpenSSL and your host is refusing it you can contact us and we create a workaround in WP Staging to be able to use the push function without activating the license key.

Despite that, it’s highly recommended to update curl and OpenSSL on your server for security purposes.

You will also not able to update wp staging automatically until this is solved and you need to download the latest plugin from your account on


Updated on April 14, 2021