Moved Website to New Server – Can not Push Staging site

If you moved your website to another server and the paths to the production and staging site were changed, WP Staging will lose its connection to the staging site and you are not able to push the staging site to the production website any longer.

Instead of that, you’ll get a fatal error telling you that WP Staging cannot find the staging site or the folder wp-content:

Fatal error! Path /public_html/staging/wp-content does not exist.
The staging site "staging" seems to be broken.
Create another staging site and try again.

If you are familiar with phpmyadmin and if you are not scared by doing a slight modification in the production database you can resolve this easily by changing the path to the staging site.

As long as you change only the mentioned data rows you cannot break anything. It’s still a good idea to make a backup first!

WP Staging stores its settings as serialized data so you can not do a simple search & replace and you need to follow the instructions below carefully:

  • Open phpmyadmin and look for the option_name wpstg_existing_clones_beta  in the database table wp_options.
  • Get the value of that column and copy it into an empty text file for backup purposes.

  • Next step is to open the PHP serialized data online editor from the link below and paste the data into the input form 1 (Paste in serialized PHP here)

  • Now, change the path to the staging site in the input form 2 to the new location of your staging site!

You can get the destination by looking into the system info at
WP Staging > tools > system info
and finding the value ABSPATH.

  • This is the path to the root of your WordPress website.
    Just add the subfolder name of the staging site and you’ll get the full path to your staging site.

  • Go back to phpmyadmin and paste the modified serialized PHP data back into the field wpstg_existing_clones_beta, overwrite the old value and save it.

    Now WP Staging is connected again to your staging Site and you can migrate your staging site to live.