Error 404 – Can’t Find Ajax Request URL

If the cloning process interrupts while it copies files from one location to another or if it stops with the error “Error 404 Can’t find Ajax request URL” go to WP Staging > Settings and try the settings below:

  • CPU Load: Low
  • Delay Between Requests: 1  (If it still stops increase it to 2 seconds)

This issue can be thrown by the module mod_security being activated on your server.

WP Staging fires multiple ajax post requests to admin-ajax.php for copying files from one location to another.

mod_security blocks these requests after a while when it assumes that these requests are malicious ones or could harm your server. They do not of course.

Note: The delay setting will slow down tremendously the cloning process so use it as the last option only!

Please also try:

  • Increase the setting: File Copy Limit to 250
  • Disable mod_security at all (not recommended)
  • Ask your hoster if they can provide you with the mod_security log. Send it to us or just ask them if there is any specific rule which is causing mod_security to block these ajax requests. When we get that info we can probably write a custom fix for you.

Updated on September 7, 2021