What License Plan for WordPress Multisite Networks?

Introduction: As WordPress users explore the benefits of using the WP-STAGING plugin with their Multisite networks, a common question arises: how does licensing work in this context? This article will clarify how WP-STAGING licenses apply to WordPress Multisite networks and what to expect when deploying the plugin across multiple sites.

Does each subsite count against the overall licensing, or does the entire WP Multisite network count as a single license?

When using the WP-STAGING plugin with a WordPress Multisite network, it is essential to understand that each network-based staging site you want to push simultaneously requires an active license. This means that the entire Multisite network does not count as a single license, and each subsite is considered separately for licensing purposes.

Let’s say you have a WordPress Multisite network with 100 sites. If you plan to use WP-STAGING on this network, you must account for each subsite’s license requirement.

How do the License Plans work for Multisite networks?

For example, you can activate the plugin on three network sites simultaneously with the WP-STAGING Business plan. If you must work on more sites simultaneously, purchase a higher plan like the Agency license that covers up to 99 active sites.

Alternatively, you can switch a license key to another network site by disabling it on one site and activating it on another site every 30 days.

If you have a bigger multisite network and need a license covering more active sites, please get in touch with us.

It’s important to note that even a Business license allows you to back up the main site and all its network sites without limitations. This means that even though you can only activate the plugin on a limited number of sites simultaneously, you can still perform backups for your entire network and its sub-sites.

Conclusion: Using the WP-STAGING plugin with a WordPress Multisite network, each subsite counts against the overall licensing. You must have active licenses for each site to push multiple network sites simultaneously. Additionally, even a Business license offers unlimited backups for your main site and all its network sites, ensuring your data remains safe and secure.

Updated on November 7, 2023