Earn 100$ – Initial Affiliate Reward

If you have an established and regularly updated website or YouTube channel that has existed for more than two years, you can get an initial 100$ reward after releasing your first video or article about the WP STAGING WordPress backup & staging plugin.

We will pay 100$ on top of the revenue you make with all sales generated using your referral link.

The requirements are:

  • Your website or video channel must be about (WordPress) development, tutorials, tips, and tricks, blogging. (See the full terms)
  • A written article/review needs to have at least 2.000 words
  • A video needs to have a length of a minimum of 10min
  • Your website or youtube channel need to exist for at least two years
  • You send us a link to the content that you have created and give us a preview of the video or article

After we have made sure that your website or video channel is compliant with the rules above, we will pay you directly after releasing the video or article.
There are no content restrictions on what you can write about WP STAGING as long as it is constructive and neutral critical…Or of course positivešŸ˜Š

That is a time-limited promotion.

If you are unsure if your website or youtube channel is eligible for the 100 $ reward, please contact usĀ first.

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