Release of WP Staging Pro 2.4.5

Prepare Multisites

Today, we released WP Staging Pro 2.4.5 with a lot of new useful features and important bug fixes.
That version also contains some preparations for the upcoming version which allows cloning of WordPress multisites.

For instance WP Staging Pro 2.4.5 allows you to define the maximum file size to copy. From now on you can specify how big the file size can be during file copying process. This is useful if your live site contains videos or other big files which you need to have on the staging site as well:

Maximum File Size
Maximum File Size

Another small but often requested feature is the visibility of the date when a staging site has been created or updated. You find that new information in the list of available staging sites:

Now WP Staging also contains custom upload folders. So if you moved your default upload folder from wp-content/uploads to another location WP Staging can handle that and detects the correct upload location automatically, now.

Another news is that WP Staging supports the popular WordPress plugin revolution slider. Previous versions had issues with correct search & replacements of image paths of the revolution slider in the database. So as a result the slides were not showing correctly on the staging site after cloning.

Several other small tweaks and improvements were made so its recommended to update the plugin as soon as possible.

The complete changelog

New features

  • Support for WordPress 4.9.6
  • Add new setting to specify the maximum file size to copy
  • Support for custom upload folder. For instance, if upload folder has been renamed and removed outsite wp-content folder
  • Add cloning / updated date time to list of staging sites
  • Add filter ‘wpstg_filter_options_replace’ to exclude certain tables from updating while cloning
  • Exclude tables for plugin wp_mail_smtp
  • Add filter ‘wpstg_fiter_search_replace_rows’ to exclude certain tables from search & replace
  • Supports search & replace for revslider image slider and several visual editors which are using non default serialized data
  • Add new setting which allow to specify the search & replace processing query limit


  • Do not stop pushing process if there are duplicate entries
  • Folder not copied if it begins with same name like excluded one e.g. upload vs. upload_new
  • Missing trailing slash results to wrong absolute paths in database after Search & Replace operation

3 thoughts on “Release of WP Staging Pro 2.4.5”

  1. Hi Rene, I’m Miguel, I have been requesting to You the new functionality to create a Separate database for the Staging website. I think that this is an essential feature in order to avoid the “Clutter” in the production/main database and the “Slow Down” in the “Page Loading Speed” caused by all the Duplicate Tables and Content in the main database.

    In case that You do not have planned to add this functionality, ¿How much I have to pay so that you’re willing to add this functionality ?

    Thank You in advance for Your answer,

      1. Thank You very much Rene, for taking my suggestion into account. I’m sure that Your current and future customers including myself will be very happy with this new feature.

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