WordPress 5.5 Update Of The Year – Exciting New Features – Improvements – Bug Fixes

Updated on 12th August 2020:  WordPress 5.5 has been released and left the beta status. Please test WordPress 5.5 on a staging site first to make sure that it does not break anything on your production website. WordPress 5.5 is probably the update of the year and is the second major release this year. Usually, … Continue reading “WordPress 5.5 Update Of The Year – Exciting New Features – Improvements – Bug Fixes”

WP Staging Pro New Release 3.0.5 – Auto Refresh Permalinks

With the latest release of WP Staging Pro, we’ve finally got rid of the need to resave permalinks after pushing a staging site to live. So whenever you migrate the staging site the permalinks are recreated automatically on your production site. So, when you successfully push it looks like this now: Several Improvements We’ve finished … Continue reading “WP Staging Pro New Release 3.0.5 – Auto Refresh Permalinks”

Create & Restore WordPress Backups with WP Staging Snapshots

WP Staging Pro 3.0.2 has been released and comes with the long-awaited new snapshot feature! WP Staging snapshots allow you to create database backups. It creates a snapshot automatically every time you push your staging site to live. So, for instance, if something does not work as expected after a push or installing a new … Continue reading “Create & Restore WordPress Backups with WP Staging Snapshots”

Release of WP Staging Pro 2.4.5

Today, we released WP Staging Pro 2.4.5 with a lot of new useful features and important bug fixes. That version also contains some preparations for the upcoming version which allows cloning of WordPress multisite. For instance, WP Staging Pro 2.4.5 allows you to define the maximum file size to copy. From now on you can … Continue reading “Release of WP Staging Pro 2.4.5”

WP Staging 2.2.4 New Features

WP Staging 2.2.4 brings a lot of new features, fixes and improvements to make the creation of WordPress staging and test sites more reliable and easier than ever! Our biggest improvement is the support for search & replace of serialized data when a staging site is created. The pro version already supports that powerful feature … Continue reading “WP Staging 2.2.4 New Features”

WP STAGING | PRO 2.2.0 – Latest Update News

This is the complete changelog for all modifications of WP Staging Pro 2.2.0 WP STAGING|PRO 2.2.0 Fix: Cloning a new site results in [undefined] Fix: Show all tables from the tables selection dialogue and use default selection for correct tables Fix: If clone has been created with an older WP Staging version its not possible to … Continue reading “WP STAGING | PRO 2.2.0 – Latest Update News”

WP Staging 2.1.9 – What has been changed and improved?

WP Staging 2.1.9 has been released and it brings you several improvements to ensure better compatibility for websites on hosted accounts like bluehost or godaddy. If you are on one of these web hosts and you experience a cloning process error like “Can not find ajax url” than this update is for you. WP Staging 2.1.9 also … Continue reading “WP Staging 2.1.9 – What has been changed and improved?”