WP Staging 2.1.9 – What has been changed and improved?

WP Staging 2.1.9 has been released and it brings you several improvements to ensure better compatibility for websites on hosted accounts like bluehost or godaddy.

If you are on one of these web hosts and you experience a cloning process error like “Can not find ajax url” than this update is for you. WP Staging 2.1.9 also improves the cloning performance and fixes issues where a staging site can not be deleted.

This update also contains several new functions for our new database migration tool which is coming very soon.

See what else we did under the hood:

* New: Allow selection of db tables with wpstg_ prefix in the table selection dialog
* Fix: Deleting process throws timout issues and php notices
* Fix: Link to staging site is undefined when staging name contains space characters
* Fix: If file copy limit is lower than 500, not all files are copied in all cases
* Fix: Increase file copy performance
* Fix: Cloning update function created new staging tables everytime it is run

I hope you like the new release. As usual you find the update in your WordPress admin dashboard under the plugins section: