Top 6 Reasons to Implement a Staging Environment On Your WordPress Site

When managing a WordPress site, there are many things to consider. From designing a beautiful theme to optimizing the site for search engines, it can be easy to overlook one of the most important aspects of website management: testing. This is where staging environments come in. In this ultimate blog post, we’ll discuss why you … Continue reading “Top 6 Reasons to Implement a Staging Environment On Your WordPress Site”

What is the Best WordPress Backup Plugin? A Review

Trust and reliability are essential when it comes to choosing the right backup plugin for your WordPress site. With so many plugins available, it is not easy to know which one to trust with the security and stability of your site. That’s why we’ve decided to find the best, most reliable, and most trusted WordPress … Continue reading “What is the Best WordPress Backup Plugin? A Review”

A WordPress Developer From Hell

It’s a familiar scenario for you. You’re gazing at a customer’s WordPress dashboard when you see that a new update is available for a fancy plugin you’ve installed on all of your client’s websites. You skim through the plugin’s changelog, convinced you can handle the update without any issues. “Easy-peasy. I’ve done this a million … Continue reading “A WordPress Developer From Hell”

WP Staging Pro New Release 3.0.5 – Auto Refresh Permalinks

With the latest release of WP Staging Pro, we’ve finally got rid of the need to resave permalinks after pushing a staging site to live. So whenever you migrate the staging site the permalinks are recreated automatically on your production site. So, when you successfully push it looks like this now: Several Improvements We’ve finished … Continue reading “WP Staging Pro New Release 3.0.5 – Auto Refresh Permalinks”

Create & Restore WordPress Backups with WP Staging Snapshots

WP Staging Pro 3.0.2 has been released and comes with the long-awaited new snapshot feature! WP Staging snapshots allow you to create database backups. It creates a snapshot automatically every time you push your staging site to live. So, for instance, if something does not work as expected after a push or installing a new … Continue reading “Create & Restore WordPress Backups with WP Staging Snapshots”

WP STAGING has an Astounding Review-to-Install Ratio

We are doing a lot of work to please our users, no matter if they use the free version of WP Staging or the premium variant named WP Staging Pro. The main secret of the success of WP Staging is its simplicity, but much more how our team handles all the incoming support tickets. We … Continue reading “WP STAGING has an Astounding Review-to-Install Ratio”

Release of WP Staging Pro 2.4.5

Today, we released WP Staging Pro 2.4.5 with a lot of new useful features and important bug fixes. That version also contains some preparations for the upcoming version which allows cloning of WordPress multisite. For instance, WP Staging Pro 2.4.5 allows you to define the maximum file size to copy. From now on you can … Continue reading “Release of WP Staging Pro 2.4.5”

WP Staging 2.2.4 New Features

WP Staging 2.2.4 brings a lot of new features, fixes and improvements to make the creation of WordPress staging and test sites more reliable and easier than ever! Our biggest improvement is the support for search & replace of serialized data when a staging site is created. The pro version already supports that powerful feature … Continue reading “WP Staging 2.2.4 New Features”