Tips to Backup WordPress Production & Staging Website

It’s highly recommended to create a backup of your live and staging site directly before pushing the staging site to the production website.

WP STAGING stores its data in database tables which are prefixed with the string wpstg_

It’s important to know that most free backup plugins do not support custom table prefixes like those created by WP STAGING.

So if you create a backup and your backup plugin does not support these custom wpstg_ tables, you need to run the same backup plugin on the staging site again. Then you can create another backup of the staging site. This will provide you two separate backup files containing the entire file system and each website’s database separately.

For example: If you break the live site, and you are going to restore the entire database with the database backup from the live website only, this could lead to a deleting of the staging site, or it brings the staging site back to an earlier state with loose of your latest modifications.


Make sure to have separate backups of your sites and that they contain all the data you need. Whenever possible, create separate backups—one backup for your staging site, the other one for your live site.

You can use WP STAGING | PRO’s backup feature to back up your websites.


Updated on August 18, 2021