Can not Create Staging Site on Windows IIS Server

If your site is using Windows IIS web server and you can not create a staging site with WP Staging, one of the issues for this might be the presence of capitalized characters in the table prefix.

If the table is something like W0km_ it can happen under several circumstances that MySQL is converting this prefix to lower case when it creates the WordPress tables.

As a result, the WordPress database tables will be beginning with w0km_ like w0km_options

When WP Staging is going to clone your website it will look for W0km_ which it can not find for obvious reasons and the cloning process will not be successful.

One way to prevent this is to use only lower case table prefix in the wp-config.php.

If your website has been created already you need to modify the table prefix afterward to the lower case version. You can use the SQL queries below to do so:

To do so, open the wp-config.php and change the table prefix entry there:

From $table_prefix = 'W0km_';

To $table_prefix = 'w0km_';

Use the SQL queries below to convert the table prefix in the database to the lowercase version:

UPDATE w0km_usermeta SET meta_key = replace(meta_key, 'W0km_', 'w0km_') WHERE meta_key LIKE 'W0km__%';

UPDATE w0km_options SET meta_key = replace(meta_key, 'W0km_', 'w0km_') WHERE option_names LIKE 'W0km_%';

If this does not resolve your issue please let us know.

Updated on March 13, 2023