Create Google API Credentials to Authenticate to Google Drive

You can connect WP STAGING with your Google Drive account to upload and store your site backup files in the cloud for extra safety.

You have two options to connect with Google Drive:

  • Use the OAuth mechanism built into WP STAGING that connects your website with Google Drive
  • Create Google API credentials to upload your backup files to Google Drive.

The first option is the easiest and recommend option. It uses the dedicated endpoint for the authentication process between Google and WP STAGING. It uses an open standard named OAuth. You can read more about OAuth here.

None of your data, nor any credentials are transferred to WP STAGING.
We don’t store any of your data, including your backup data. We even do not store your mail address or any access token as many other backup services do.Read our Google Drive privacy terms.

Ceating and using Google API credentials is not as convinant as the first option but could be a requirement if your company policy does not allow the usage of the WP STAGING website for the google authentication process.

Use Google API to Connect WP STAGING to Google Drive

  1. Login in to your WordPress website
  2. Make sure WP STAGING | PRO is installed and active
  3. Open WP STAGING | PRO settings Page

Copy Google Redirect URI

  • Click Remote Storages(1),
  • Connect with your API Credentials(2)
  • Copy your Google Redirect URI by clicking on the copy to clipboard icon(3).
    Save it somewhere; we will be using it later.

Create New Google Cloud Project

  • Login into your Google Account
  • Open google developer console page: link
  • Click Select a Project or whatever you see if there is already another project created before.


9. Now add the Project name(1); you can edit your project id too(2), but it is optional.

Then click CREATE

Enable Google Drive API

Click Enabled APIs and services and click ENABLE APIS AND SERVICES

Write Drive in search bar and click enter

Click Google Drive API


  • In the sidebar click on oAuth consent screen.
  • Depending upon your active user, select Internal or External.
  • Click CREATE

Fill in your app details:

Add the domains where these API Credentials will be used i.e., your WordPress website.
Click ADD DOMAIN(1), enter your WordPress website(2), set your email(3), and click SAVE AND CONTINUE(4)

Add Scopes and Permissions

For Google Drive, you need the scopes: userinfo.profile and drive.file

  • Select userinfo.profile(1) and drive.file(2)
  • Click UPDATE(4)


Add Test Users

Now click ADD USERS(1), enter email(s) where you want to store your backups(2), click ADD(3) and then wait some time and click SAVE AND CONTINUE(4)

Click on Credentials(1), CREATE CREDENTIALS(2), and then OAuth client ID(3)

Select Web application in Application type(1), Enter name of your client(2), Now add authorized JavaScript Origin (URL of your site) by clicking ADD URI(3) and in then enter your WordPress Site(4).

Enter the Google Redirect URI that you copied in Step 4 in the textbox(2) and Click CREATE

You will be presented with the screen below.
These are your client id and client secret:

Add Google API Credentials into WP STAGING Settings

Now copy the client id and client secret and paste that in your WordPress website WP STAGING| PRO settings page(1) and click Save Settings and wait for the page to refresh:

Now click the AUTHENTICATE WITH GOOGLE button and follow the steps to be authenticated with your own API credentials



Updated on March 15, 2022