Multisite Support Cloning & Pushing

WP Staging Pro does not only allows you to clone WordPress regular sites it also allows you to clone WordPress multisites.

How is Cloning Multisites Done?

WP Staging supports cloning any site of a WordPress multisite network including the WordPress main site.

It creates a staging site for the active website which can be the main site or one of its child sites. While it clones the site it converts the network site to a single site. This allows you to work on the staging site and then later to push back any changes made to the production parent network site.

​It works that way:

​- You install the plugin network-wide or on a per-site base. Then you go to the relevant network site > wp staging > Start 

​From there you create a staging site as usually which creates a clone of the current network site.

Note, this will not clone the entire network!

So the clone sites are totally independent and cannot affect each other which is highly recommended for having a staging site for testing purposes.

Which License Do I Need?

You can use a single WP Staging Pro license to create as many clones as you like to. For the pushing feature, you need a license that covers the amount of site where you want to use the pushing feature at the same time.

For instance, if you have two network sites you would need at least the Pro license.

Can Licenses be Switched to Another Domain?

Yes, you just need to deactivate the license on one network site to activate it again on another network site.

Updated on October 30, 2019