Setting up Dropbox as a Storage Provider for WordPress

This guide explains how to set up Dropbox as a storage provider for WP Staging. It provides step-by-step instructions on how to authenticate Dropbox, create a backup, and configure the settings. By following this guide, users can easily integrate Dropbox with WP Staging for efficient storage and backup management.

1. Navigate to WP Staging > Backup & Migration > Settings > Storage Providers

2. Click “Settings”

Screenshot of: Click "dropbox Settings"

3. Click “Storage Providers”

Screenshot of: Click "Storage Providers"

4. Click “Dropbox”


5. Click “Sign in with Dropbox”

Sign in with dropbox

6. Click “The Dropbox storage is authenticated successfully!”

Dropbox is authenticated

7. Click “Backup & Migration”

Backup and Migration

8. Click “Create Backup”

Screenshot of: Click "Create Backup"

9. Click the “Dropbox
Settings” field.

Screenshot of: Click the "Dropbox
                                                            Settings" field.

10. Click “Start Backup”

Screenshot of: Click "Start Backup"

11. Click “Close”

Screenshot of: Click "Close"

12. Login to your dropbox account and check if the backup is there.

Screenshot of: dropbox account

13. Click here.

backkup on dropbox account

Updated on September 11, 2023