WordPress Core Update Not Showing – Updating WordPress Manually

It may happen that a new WordPress version has been released but your WordPress website still shows you an old version and does not offer you to update automatically WordPress to the latest version.

This article described three possible ways how to solve this:

  • Disable mu-plugin (gd-system-plugin) on the staging site
  • Switch to the default theme and disable all plugins on the staging site
  • Update WordPress manually

Usually, you can force WordPress to look for a new WordPress version by using the link Dashboard > Updates

If this does not show you a new version it’s possible that one of the plugins or some code in the WordPress theme prevents the updater from connecting to servers and from looking for a new WordPress version.

Follow the steps below to fix WordPress automatic updates

  • Check out if there is a file like wp-content/mu-plugins/gd-system-plugin.php

This is a must-use service plugin added by the hosting provider GoDaddy. This plugin disables automatic WordPress core updates and needs to be disabled. Make a backup of the entire folder and delete the subfolder /gd-system-plugin and the file gd-system-plugin.php

(It may also be possible that there is another service plugin created by your hosting provider. So make a backup of that plugin folder as well and then delete it)

Go to Dashboard > Updates and start again the search for a new WordPress core update.

If this still does not show the latest WordPress version switch over to the WordPress default theme and disable all WordPress plugins.

Disable all WordPress plugins and switch to the default theme

Click again on Dashboard > Updates and force WordPress looking for the latest WordPress version!

If this does not show the new WordPress version in the updater either it’s likely that automatic updates are disabled in the WordPress config file wp-config.php at all or generally disabled by your hosting provider.

In that case, you will need to update WordPress manually!

How to manually update WordPress:

Update WordPress Manually

Updated on May 13, 2020