How to Migrate from to HostGator

migrate from to hostagator

In this article, we will guide you on how to migrate from to HostGator.

We will be using WP Staging Pro for a seamless migration, so even if you don’t have any technical knowledge, you can easily do the complete process.

First Thing First

Before diving into the migration process, conducting a thorough analysis of your existing setup is essential. Take note of your website’s structure, content, and any customizations you’ve implemented. This step will serve as a crucial reference point throughout the migration journey.

Preparing for the Migration

Before starting the migration process, it’s essential to follow several key steps:

  1. Log into your account.
Login to Account before migrating a website from to Hostgator
  1. Go to “Plugins” in the WordPress dashboard and click the “Upload” button.
Click on upload button to install WP Staging Pro
  1. Afterward, proceed to upload your WP Staging | Pro.
Upload plugin
  1. Once you’ve installed and activated it, navigate to the “Backup & Migration” section in the WordPress dashboard under “WP Staging | Pro.”
Create a backup and use the Backup & Migration feature of WP Staging.
  1. If you already possess a current backup, fantastic. Otherwise, to generate a new backup, click the “Create Backup” button.
Create new backup
  1. Provide a name for your backup, then click the “Start Backup” button.
Enter Backup and start backup
  1. The backup has been successfully completed.
Backup Complete
  1. After the backup process concludes, you will typically find a “Download” option beneath the “Action” button. Ensure that you save this backup file in a secure location on your computer.
Download Backup

The Process of Migration

  1. Access your HostGator WordPress website by entering your username and password.
Login into your website
  1. Go to the left-hand menu, click “Plugins,” and click “Add New.”
Add new plugin
  1. Click the “Upload Plugin” button and then “Choose File” to upload the WP Staging Pro plugin.
Choose plugin
  1. Next, press the ‘Install Now’ button.
Upload WP Staging plugin
  1. Once the plugin is installed, activate it.
Activate WP Staging Plugin
  1. Go to the menu on the left, find ‘WP Staging Pro,’ and click the ‘Backup & Migration’ option.
Backup & Migration option
  1. Afterward, click the ‘Upload Backup’ button.
Upload plugin
  1. Upload the backup file you exported from your website.
Select plugin
  1. The backup has been successfully uploaded.
Backup successfully uploaded
  1. Following that, click the ‘Action’ button and then click on the ‘Restore’ option.
Click action and restore button
  1. Click the ‘Next’ button.
Click on next button
  1. After that, click the ‘Restore’ button.
Click on restore button
  1. The backup has been successfully restored.
  2. Press the “OK” button.
Backup successfully restored
  1. Access your WordPress website again.
Again login into your website

Conduct a comprehensive website test on HostGator to ensure all components function as intended. Additionally, review all content for accuracy and formatting.


After you have completed the migration, you’ll need to go through several post-migration steps to finalize the move and optimize your site. Here’s a checklist of essential actions to consider:

  • Ensure all your content has been transferred correctly and is displaying as expected.
  • Check internal and external links to ensure they are not broken.
  • Make sure all images, videos, and other media files have been correctly imported and are displaying properly.
  • Go to Settings > Permalinks in your WordPress dashboard to ensure your permalink structure matches the one you used on This is crucial for maintaining SEO rankings.
  • Use tools like Google PageSpeed Insights or GTmetrix to analyze your site’s performance and make necessary adjustments.
  • If your domain has changed or if you have pages that moved, update your social media profiles and any other external sites that link to you to ensure they point to the correct URLs.

By carefully going through these post-migration steps, you can help ensure a smooth migration to your new HostGator hosting environment, maintaining your site’s functionality, performance, and SEO ranking in the process.