No Images are Visible on Staging Site

Suppose you create a staging site, and images and other media files are not shown on the staging site. That can happen if your WordPress website has a different non-default location for the uploads folder, or the uploads folder is located outside the production site’s root folder.

The WordPress default location for the media files is

If you changed this to something like [path-on-server]/wp-content/images then WP STAGING is not able to copy the images to the staging site.

You have a few options to make the images appearing on the staging site:

  • Change the value of the database option upload_path in the table wp_options.
  • Change the value of the constantUPLOADS in the wp-config.php file in the staging site’s directory.
  • Copy the media files manually via FTP from the production site to the staging site location wp-content/uploads.

We are already working on an update for WP STAGING to support custom folders like this.

Please get in contact with us if you need assistance with it.


Updated on February 10, 2022