Page not found – Error 404 after Pushing

If you get the error “Page not Found” or the HTTP error code 404 after pushing the staging site to live with WP STAGING Pro, follow the simple step below to fix this issue.

Go to wp-admin > settings > permalinks and click two times on the Save Changes button:

By saving the permalinks again, WordPress will recreate and refresh all permalinks. This will fix the page not found error 404 on your site.

What is the reason for this issue, and why are not all posts/pages affected?

Some plugins create their own permalink links in the WordPress database. So, when you push the staging site to live, you will need to tell WordPress to recreate these links; otherwise, they would link to a staging site path, which obviously does not exist on the production site. As a result, an error 404 is shown.

So, if you encounter certain links not working on the production site, just save the permalinks again.



Updated on May 13, 2022