WordPress Dashboard not Working – Fix Crashed Site

Did you install a new plugin or change your theme, and suddenly your site crashes, and the front page or the WordPress Dashboard is not working anymore?

If you have a backup of your website and you want to restore your website, you have to get back access again, at least to your WordPress dashboard.

You have several options to log in again to the WordPress admin dashboard:

I Know the Name of the Plugin or Theme that Crashed WordPress

  1. If you know your theme or a particular plugin caused the fatal error, log in to your server using FTP and then rename the theme or plugin folder to something else. This will deactivate the plugin and the website might be available again.
  2. Try again to log in to the admin dashboard. If it works, you can restore your website using a backup.

If you still can not log in to the WordPress admin dashboard, you must find out if another plugin is crashing the site.

I have to Find Out the Name of the Plugin that Crashed WordPress

Follow these steps to find out what plugin prevents access to the WordPress admin dashboard:

  1. Activate the debug log on your website.
  2. Reload the website and try to log in to the /wp-admin
  3. Open the debug.log and find a line that says “Fatal Error.” This line will contain the name of the plugin that crashed the site.
  4. Login via FTP to your server and rename the plugin to something else like /wp-content/plugins/yoast-bak

Now you should be able to access the WordPress admin dashboard again.

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Updated on April 7, 2023