How to Migrate from to WP Engine

migrate from to wp engine

If you plan to migrate your WordPress website from to WP Engine, this article will guide you on how to do it easily with simple clicks.

You will need less technical knowledge as we will be using WP Staging Pro for this migration, which will also ensure minimum downtime, post-migration errors, and no loss to rankings. Let’s get started!

1. Getting Ready for the Migration

Before initiating the migration process, it’s crucial to adhere to several important steps:

  1. Log into your account. Login Page
  1. Navigate to the “Plugins” section in the WordPress dashboard and click the “Upload” button.
Upload Plugin Button
  1. Next, upload your WP Staging | Pro.
Drop WP Staging Plugin
  1. Once you’ve installed and activated it, navigate to the “Backup & Migration” section in the WordPress dashboard under “WP Staging | Pro.”
Backup and Migration Option in WP Staging
  1. If you already possess a current backup, fantastic. Otherwise, click the “Create Backup” button to generate a new backup.
Create Backup Button
  1. Provide a name for your backup, then click the “Start Backup” button.
Enter Backup Name and click Start Backup Button
  1. The backup process has been successfully finished.
Backup Successfully Complete
  1. Once the backup process is complete, you will usually see a “Download” option under the “Action” button. Be sure to save this backup file securely on your computer.
Download Backup

2. The Migration Process

  1. Log into your WP Engine WordPress website using your username and password, or access the admin panel through WP Engine.
WP Engine Admin Panel
  1. Navigate to the menu on the left-hand side, click “Plugins,” and then click on “Add New.”
Add New Plugin
  1. Click the “Upload Plugin” button, and then click “Choose File” to upload the WP Staging Pro plugin.
Upload and Chosse Plugin
  1. Afterward, click the ‘Install Now’ button.
Install Now Button
  1. After installing the plugin, activate it.
Activate Plugin
  1. Navigate to the left-hand menu, locate ‘WP Staging Pro,’ and click the ‘Backup & Migration’ option.
Backup and Migration Option
  1. Next, click the ‘Upload Backup’ button.
Upload Backup Button
  1. Upload the backup file you exported from your website.
Upload Backup
  1. The backup has been successfully uploaded.
Backup Successfully Uploaded
  1. After that, click the ‘Action’ button, and then choose the ‘Restore’ option.
Click Restore Option
  1. Click the ‘Next’ button.
Click the next button
  1. Next, press the ‘Restore’ button.
Click the Restore Button
  1. The backup has been restored successfully.
  2. Click the “OK” button.
Bckup Successfully Restored
  1. Access your WordPress website again.
Again Log into Your Website

Perform a thorough website test on WP Engine to confirm the proper functionality of all components. Additionally, review all content for accuracy and formatting.


It’s crucial to back up your entire site, including all files and databases, to prevent data loss. This step is like packing up all your valuables safely before a big move.

Next, please review and update any outdated plugins and themes to ensure compatibility with WP Engine’s environment; think of it as making sure your furniture will fit through the door of your new home.

Additionally, since WP Engine has specific security measures and configurations, disabling any plugins or features that might not be supported on WP Engine is wise.

Lastly, carefully consider the timing of your migration to avoid peak traffic times, minimizing the impact on your site’s visitors. Imagine moving house when the roads are clear to avoid traffic jams.