phpMyAdmin Repair and Optimize Database Tables Tutorial

Sometimes it might be necessary to repair a MySQL database table. This can be the case if your WordPress site acts weirdly or slowly.

So for instance, when you notice that modified settings in your WordPress dashboard are not permanently saved it could be an indicator for a corrupted database table.

Another indicator for a corrupted MySQL table can be if you get errors like this:

Table './wordpress/wp_redirection_404' is marked as crashed and should be repaired.

The good this is that you can easily fix this with the repair tool that comes builtin with phpMyAdmin[1] and Adminer[2].
(Adminer is an easy to use one file DB administrating alternative to phpMyAdmin)

How to Repair MySQL Database Tables

First of all open the phpMyadmin database administration tool.
Open the Databases tab and select the database you want to repair.

Select all tables that need repair. You can select all of them if you are not entirely sure what table is corrupt.

How to repair mysql database tables with phpmyadmin
How to repair MySQL database tables with phpMyAdmin

From the With Selected drop-down menu choose Repair Table. Then all the tables will be repaired automatically. After that, you will get a presentation of the result from the repair operation.

How to Optimize MySQL Database Tables?

Optimizing database tables is needed from time to time. A MySQL database stores a lot of unused temporary data like queries or even data that has been marked as deleted. So whenever you remove something from your databases like a post or other data it will not be deleted permanently immediately all the time. Sometimes it still takes some space in the system memory.

Optimizing a MySQL database table will delete permanently all this unnecessary data. So it’s necessary to do some maintenance from time to time to keep your database clean and fast.

To optimize your MySQL tables just select all of them in phpMyAdmin and from the With Selected drop-down menu choose Optimize table.

After a few seconds, you will get the result of the optimizing operation.