How to Push a BuddyBoss Theme Staging Site to Production?

push buddyboss theme staging site to production

Migrating your BuddyBoss theme staging site to the production environment can be a breeze with the right tools. The WP Staging plugin offers a straightforward and efficient way to achieve this transition.

In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of using the WP Staging plugin to ensure a smooth and successful deployment.

5 Advantages of Using Staging Sites with BuddyBoss

Utilizing a staging site for BuddyBoss, or any WordPress site, brings key advantages in development, testing, and deployment. BuddyBoss, tailored for online communities, gains from this approach due to:

  • Testing & Quality: The staging site ensures safe testing of BuddyBoss updates, addressing bugs and compatibility issues.
  • Risk Mitigation: Staging protects the live site by securely testing configurations, preventing downtime.
  • Plugin & Theme Compatibility: Staging checks BuddyBoss compatibility, avoiding user disruptions.
  • Content & Design: Staging previews BuddyBoss changes, allowing feedback before going live.
  • Security Testing: Staging secures updates, safeguarding user data and community interactions.


Pushing Your BuddyBoss Staging Site to Production Site

Step 1: Install and Activate WP Staging Pro

  1. Log in to your WordPress dashboard.
Wordpress Dashboard
  1. Go to the “Plugins” section and click “Add New”.
Add New Plugin
  1. After that, click the upload plugin button and add your “WP Staging Pro” plugin file, then click on the “Install Now” button.
Install Plugin
  1. Activate the plugin.
Activate Plugin

Step 2: Backup Using WP Staging Pro

Before beginning, create backups of your production sites through “WP Staging Pro.” These backups are essential for any mishaps during the staging site creation procedure.

Here’s a step-by-step explanation of how to create a backup using WP Staging:

  1. After WP Staging Pro activation, go to your WordPress dashboard and find the “Backup & Migration” option in the WP Staging Pro.
Backup & Migration
  1. Now click on the “Create Backup” button.
Click on Create Backup
  1. Provide a name for the backup.
  2. Check the all checkbox to generate a complete backup of your website, then proceed by clicking the “Start Backup” button.
Start Backup and select components for backup
  1. The backup has been successfully created.
Complete Backup

Step 3: Create a Staging Site

  1. Once the backup is generated, locate the WP Staging option on your dashboard’s sidebar and click the “Staging sites” tab.
Click on: Staging Site
  1. Now click on the “Create Staging Site” button.
Click on: Create Staging Site
  1. Provide a name for the staging site and click on the “Start Cloning” button.
Click on: Start Cloning
  1. Your staging site has been successfully created.
Complete Staging Site

Step 4: Verify that Buddyboss functions as expected on the staging site.

  1. Here is my “Production site” Component Setting.
Component Setting
  1. Here is my “Staging site” Component Setting.
Component Setting
  1. Here are my “Production site” Activities.
  1. Here are my “Staging site” Activities.
Staging SIte Activities
  1. Systematically review the settings within each tab, one at a time.
Review the settings

As you can observe, every word remains intact; the WP Staging plugin has effectively replicated all the data from my production site to the staging site, ensuring complete safety.

Step 5: Test and Make Changes

Your staging site has been successfully duplicated to match your production site. Feel free to test updates, plugins, themes, and any desired modifications.

  1. As you can see, I’ve updated the Component setting on my staging site.
Test Changes

Step 6: Backup Your Staging Site

Before moving forward, take an additional backup of your Buddyboss staging site. This dual backup approach provides an extra layer of security in case any issues arise during the migration process.

Step 7: Pushing Your Staging Site to Production Site

  1. Now move to your Production site and click on the Staging Sites option to locate the staging site.
 Push the Staging Site
  1. Inside the WP Staging plugin interface, you’ll encounter an “Actions” button where you can access the “Push Changes” option.
  2. Click on the “Push Changes” button.
Push Changes to the production site
  1. Now click on the “Confirm Push” button.
Confirm the Push
  1. Next, proceed to click the “Push” button.
Push to finalize the copy process
  1. Your staging site has been successfully pushed to your Production Site.
Complete Pushed buddyboss theme staging site to production

Step 8: Check the Production Site Changes

You can see all the updated component settings on my production site here. This is how you can safely push your Buddyboss staging site to your production site.

Check Changes, push buddyboss theme staging site to production


This step-by-step guide provides a meticulous path for smoothly transitioning your BuddyBoss theme staging site to production. Following these precise stages ensures a secure and controlled journey, minimizing risks and ensuring a seamless deployment.

Adhering to these steps can confidently enhance your BuddyBoss-powered online community while preserving site integrity and user experience.