CSS Errors & Layout Broken After Pushing – Visual Theme Builder Issues Avada, Elementor, Divi

Did you push your staging website to the production one successfully without any noticeable errors but the website design resulted in broken or corrupted appearances like missing elements or colors?

Does it look as if there were some pages correctly copied while others were not?

Use the two recommendations to fix this:

  1. Purge your cache if your site uses a caching plugin like W3 Total, WP Super Cache etc.
  2. Go to your theme settings and save its settings again.

A few popular themes like AVADA or DIVI use internal caching which needs their settings resaved to rebuild the internal cache after pushing the staging site to the production site.  That’s the reason why a simple click on the theme’s save button often resolves such layout issues.

If this does not fix these styling and layout issues after pushing please open a support ticket.


Updated on May 13, 2022