How to Move a Single WordPress Site to a WordPress Multisite Network

Do you have a regular standalone WordPress single site and want to move it to a WordPress Multisite Network? While this is not a trivial process, there are several options how this can be acomplished.

WP STAGING PRO can help you reaching that goal by using a mix of its “cloning/pushing” and “backup/restore” features.

Steps to Migrate a WordPress Single Site to a Multisite Network Site:

  1. Create a backup of the single standalone WordPress site you have, following this guide. Let’s call this backup “Single Site Backup”.
  2. Download the backup file.
  3. Login to the main network site, and create a new sub-site on the network. Let’s call this “Network Sub-Site”.
  4. Install WP STAGING PRO on the new network site “Network Sub-Site”, and create a new staging site following this guide. Let’s name it “Staging Network Site”
  5. Login to “Staging Network Site”, upload and restore the backup file you created in step 1 (Single Site Backup) to this staging site. Read this guide on how to restore a backup.
  6. Push the staging site “Staging Network Site” to the live version of it following this guide.

After following these steps precisely, you should be able to get an exact copy of the single standalone WordPress site in your WordPress network.

All these steps might be overwhelming but are very easy and fast, once you did it at least one time. If you need assistance please get in contact with us and we help you to do the migration.

Updated on May 21, 2023