How to back up a WordPress Website in Multiple Locations

WordPress backup on multiple locations

Traditional backups for your WordPress website are essential, but what happens if the backup location fails? Redundancy takes data protection a step further by storing copies in separate locations.

Backing up your WordPress website on multiple locations adds an extra layer of security, ensuring your essential information remains accessible even if one location experiences issues. Consider redundancy as your ultimate protection against data loss.

Backup Locations Supported by WP Staging Pro

WP Staging Pro offers flexibility for backing up your WordPress website on different cloud storage services, such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, DigitalOcean Spaces, FTP/SFTP, Wasabi S3, Generic S3, and Dropbox. Depending on the frequency of your website updates, you can take manual or automatic backups.

Google Drive Google’s cloud storage solution for securely storing files, documents, and backups.
Amazon S3A highly reliable and scalable cloud storage service provided by Amazon Web Services (AWS).
DropboxA user-friendly cloud storage platform known for its ease of use and collaboration features.
FTP / SFTPThis term refers to any cloud storage provider that offers compatibility with Amazon S3 APIs, enabling seamless integration with various applications and services.
Digital Ocean SpacesObject storage service provided by DigitalOcean, offering scalable and cost-effective storage solutions.
Wasabi S3A cloud storage service known for its affordability, speed, and reliability, compatible with Amazon S3 APIs.
Generic S3Refers to any cloud storage provider that offers compatibility with Amazon S3 APIs, enabling seamless integration with various applications and services.

Please find a detailed guide on how you can backup your WordPress site on the above platform:

Backing Up to Multiple Locations

Here’s a step-by-step guide for using the WP Staging Pro plugin:

1. Install WP Staging Pro

  1. Install Plugin: Navigate to the menu on the left, click “Plugins,” and click “Add New.”
Install WP Staging Pro
  1. Upload Plugin: Press the “Upload Plugin” button and click “Choose File” to upload the WP Staging Pro plugin.
Choose file
  1. Afterward, click the ‘Install Now’ button.
Click on Install Now Button
  1. After installing the plugin, proceed to activate it.
Activate plugin
  1. Navigate to Backup Settings: You can adjust your backup in the “Backup & Migration” tab. What type do you want? You can also select items for backup (such as plugins, themes, etc.) and perform other customizations.
Backup settings
  1. Under the “Storages” section, select the backup locations to store your backups. You can choose multiple options.
Backup WordPress website to multiple locations like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Dropbox, FTP or Wasabi
  1. Configure Each Backup Location for Maximum Security—Choose your preferred platform, click the active link, and configure your account settings. You can select multiple options and click “Start Backup” to begin the process.

Are You Ready to Enable Automatic Backups with WP Staging Pro?

It might be time to consider enabling automatic backups with WP Staging Pro. This powerful plugin offers a range of features to simplify the backup process and provide peace of mind, knowing that your website’s data is secure.

Navigate to Backup Settings. Click the “Create Backup” button, but unselect the “One-Time-Only” checkbox.

schedule backups


Securing your WordPress site with backups is essential. With a backup plan, you can avoid losing data and facing downtime. Create, store, and test backups regularly. Explore tools like WordPress plugins, cloud storage, and WP Staging for backup, staging, and accessibility.