Conquer Slow Servers: Tips for Backup Creation with WP Staging

Backing up your WordPress site is crucial, but the process can be frustratingly sluggish on slow servers. Fear not! WP STAGING PRO offers powerful features to overcome these hurdles and ensure your website’s safety. Here are three essential tips to streamline backups on sluggish servers:

Ditch the Default Cron: Embrace External Cron Jobs

WordPress relies on a built-in cron system to schedule tasks like backups. However, on slow servers, this can lead to delays and inconsistencies. The solution? Disable the default WordPress cron and set up an external cron job. That ensures the timely and reliable execution of your backup tasks.

For a detailed guide on setting up external cron jobs, check out this helpful resource:

Divide and Conquer: Split Your Backup into Smaller Files

Instead of creating one massive backup file, split it into multiple smaller files for different components like plugins, uploads, and the database. That reduces the strain on your server and allows for faster, more manageable backups.

WP STAGING PRO allows you to choose which elements to include in your backup, giving you granular control over the process.

Strategically Schedule Your Backups:

Schedule each backup file’s cron job to run at different times, preferably during periods of low website traffic. That minimizes performance impact and ensures your visitors have a smooth experience.

By strategically scheduling your backups, you can ensure your website’s performance remains optimal while maintaining regular backups.

With these tips and WP STAGING PRO, even slow servers can’t stop you from efficiently backing up your WordPress site. Remember, regular backups are essential for safeguarding your website; these strategies will help you achieve that goal seamlessly.

Updated on March 28, 2024