Try This First

Before you open a new support ticket check out the following solutions. Maybe we already have your issue resolved here:

Can not log in to Staging Site

If you are not able to login to your staging site, check if the default WordPress login page is disabled. The default URL is
  • If that’s the case, either your theme, one of your plugins or any other modification is disabling this login link. So what can you do:
  • Switch over to wp-login.php and ask your developer to revert this behavior OR:
  • Disable the login prompt in WP Staging by allowing all users to access your site
  • Then create a new staging site

Alternatively, you can disable WP Staging on the staging site by renaming its plugin folder wp-content/plugins/wp-staging to something else.

Can’t Find Ajax Request URL

This means WP Staging is blocked from one of the security applications on your website and you need to lower its performance settings. To do so just add the settings for small servers.

Cloning Process is Interrupted

If the cloning process interrupts suddenly before it gets finished try all the steps above and the steps below to fix the situation:

  • Exclude the caching folder wp-content/cache from the cloning process
  • Try again to clone the website

If this does not resolve the issue:

  • Delete all files in folder wp-content/uploads/wp-staging by using FTP
  • Enable WordPress debug log
  • Try again to clone the site

If this does not resolve the issue:

  • Open a support ticket and send all files from the folder:
  • Send us system info from Tools > System Info
  • Send us the debug file wp-content/debug.log

Staging Website Does not Open

If the staging website is not opening, is redirecting back to the live site or returning an unknown error, try the steps below to fix the situation:

  • Run again the cloning process and exclude any security, caching or (login) redirection plugins from the cloning process,
    e.g. iThemes Security, Wordfence, WP Super Cache, Hide Login
  • Instead of cloning again the site you can also disable these plugins by renaming the plugin folders in the staging site subfolder by FTP.

E.g. staging-folder/wp-content/plugins/wordfence
becomes staging-folder/wp-content/plugins/wordfence_old.

  • Open again the staging site.

If this does not resolve the issue:

  • Enable WordPress debug log
  • Try to open again the staging site

    Open a support ticket and send us:

  • All files from wp-content/uploads/wp-staging
  • System log from Tools > System Info
  • Debug log file from wp-content/debug.log