How to Fix Error: Could not save Password Reset Key to Database

Are you trying to login to your WordPress website but it failed?
Do you try to reset the password and you get the error ‘Could not save Password Reset Key to Database’?

This simply indicates that there is not enough free space left on your hosting account and WordPress is unable to write new login information into the database. As the database is part of the hosting space you’ll get that database error when you fill up the entire available disk space of your account. This can happen if you created several staging sites or if you uploaded too many large files like big images on to your website.

A more common reason for this issue can be huge backup files created by your backup plugin. Backup files need a lot of space on your system which can easily fill up the entire available web space.

So to fix the error immediately log in to your website using an FTP client like the Filezilla program or the File Manager in your cPanel hosting dashboard.

Then go to the media folder wp-content/uploads and check there for large files which can be deleted, for instance, backup files with the ending .*zip or large media files with the ending  *.tiff, *.png, *.png

You should never use the *.tiff format, though. This one uses a lot of disk space so it’s better to use *.jpg instead of that.

After, open your WordPress website and try to log in or to use the password reset function again.